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{"endpoint":"/interview","tabs":[{"name":"API Discovery","endpoint":"/","query":"# This API Contains non authenticated queries and mutations that deal with user registration, invitation, sub-API discovery\n# and login as well as information about Hireflix subscription plans\n\nquery getAPIEndpoints {\n # This query discovers which endpoints are available for the Hireflix API. Each endpoint has a different GraphQL schema and different\n # authentication requirements\n endpoints {\n path\n description\n }\n}"},{"name":"Administration API","endpoint":"/me","query":"# This API contains authenticated queries and mutations that deal with company, position and candidate management.\n# In order to authenticate requests you can either include a previously generated Hireflix API key in a header with key X-API-KEY,\n# or include a header with the auto generated user JWT as a bearer token.\n\n# After that, introspection will be enabled and you will be able to see the documentation on the right side of the screen\n\nquery getBasicInfo {\n # This query returns basic info for your account.\n info {\n id\n name\n company {\n id\n name\n }\n }\n}"},{"name":"Interview API","endpoint":"/interview","query":"# This API contains non authenticated queries and mutations that deal with candidate interviews.\n# It can be used to answer interviews from a candidate point of view\n\nquery getInterview($hash: String!) {\n # This sample query returns the necessary information about an interview in order to be\n # able to complete it\n interview(hash: $hash) {\n id\n hash\n externalId\n language\n disableNotifications\n createdAt\n status\n finalist\n }\n}","variables":"{\"hash\":\"the-interview-hash-goes-here\"}"}],"canSaveConfig":false}